Mission Statement

To build and encourage a relationship amongst the Old Boys, students, teachers and parents”  of Annunciation catholic college, Irrua which will foster a sense of belonging and give a little where we have taken so much to make  A. C. C. Irrua the BEST SCHOOL in ESANLAND.

School Moto and Academics

Rev. Fr. A. Ojefua was an eminent scholar and orator. He was also a tough disciplinarian whose word was command and once decisions were taken, there was rarely any going back

He taught the following subjects: English language, literature in English, Latin, Mathematics, Civics and Catholic doctrine. He taught and inculcated the spirit and philosophy of these sayings:

Recta discere et facere that is, learn what is right and do it. This incidentally, is the school’s motto.

Non scolae sed vitae, discoruns that is we learn not for school but for life.

In all things, God first

Let truth and falsehood grapple whosoever saw truth overcome in such an encounter?

Right from inception, the school was planted in strong Spartan discipline coupled with academic excellence. The school created a record in the entire western region as she was approved to write the West African School Certificate Examination at the end of fifth year instead of the usual mandatory six years for newly established schools.

Mention must be made of the following past masters of the school who fully assisted in making this goal a reality. Fr. M Okeffe ( B. sc. Physics), Fr. Oshea (B. sc. Chemistry), Mr. . A. A. Madumezia (B. sc. Physics), Mr. P. Agokei (B. a. Hons. English), Mr. peter P. Eke (Sch. Cert) and a host of others.