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ERIC (Born 19, Feb, 1983) was appointed the acting General Secretary of ACCIOBA Benin Branch on 18th August, 2013 under the chairmanship of Mr. Patrick Idiagboya. He was thereafter elected General Secretary on the 25thMay, 2014 when the tenure of Patrick ended.

Eric attended Annunciation Catholic College, Irrua, after which he had his first degree in Geography and Regional Planning at the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State.

He is an avid MBA student of the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo state, with a passion for disseminating and impacting knowledge. He has several professional industry certificates in Information Technology (NIIT) and Management.

Eric is a graduate member of the prestigious Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), Chartered and trained HIV/AIDS Counsellor and tester by the Association forReproductive and Family Health (ARFH) in collaboration with National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Since January, 2009, Eric has been a staff of one of the leading Pension Fund Administrators in Nigeria, ARM Pension Managers (PFA) limited as a marketing executive.

His quest for greener pastures, which could optimize his potentials and ambitions, caused him to joined ACCIOBA in February 2011, at the meeting held at the residence of Mr. Tony Ulinfoh and have since been an active member of the association.

Eric has received several awards and commendations including:

  • Brigadier General Commander of 1stBrigade Nigeria Army, Sokoto as an outstanding corps member, batch B’’ 2009/2010
  • Commendation from the State coordinator, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Sokoto state.
  • Certificate of excellence by Geographyand Regional Planning Student Association of Nigeria, Ambrose Alli University Chapter as electoral committee chairman in May, 2006/2007 session (GARPSAN).

Eric potential for growth is high. He loves conducting researches, reading, listen to news, travelling and written reports.

Eric is fondly loved by all who contact him for his very amiable personality.

Chairman’s message to the Old boys (Fellow Acciobites!) Welcome to 2015

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Fellow Acciobites,

Acee! Cee!

Welcome to 2015.

I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year celebrations and it is my pleasure to welcome you to this New Year 2015. I believe that this New Year 2015 will be, for all of us and for our Accioba Association Benin Branch in particular and indeed Accioba Nation-wide, an outstanding year. For one, it is an election year at the national level and secondly it is also going to mark the end of the first year of the current executive of our Benin branch.

The activities for Accioba Benin Branch for last year half of 2014 started in May with the election of the current EXCO headed by Sir Paschal Isele (KSJI) as Chairman. Let me capture the various activities that characterized the last half of 2014 as follows:

  1. Inauguration of the current EXCO
  2.  Constitution of the various standing committees
  3. Creation/hosting of Accioba Benin Branch’s website
  4.  Membership drive; which has seen an upsurge in the attendance level at our monthly meetings and at other Association’s activities
  5.  Setting-up of the committee for the establishment of a Saving’s Scheme for the association headed by Prof. Isi  Ikhuoria
  6. Constitution of the Savings scheme committee headed by the Vice Chairman, Mr. Godwin Akhaine. This is set to commence in January this year.
  7.  Identification and constitution of our members the qualified for the “Guild of Elders” for Accioba Benin Branch
  8.  The constitution of our End-of-Year party headed by our dear Animal Doctor David Ogbeifun
  9.  Holding of our end-of-year party ably hosted by Sir Jude Agbonna
  10.  Award of “DOBs” to deserving members of the association and appreciation of the various hosts in 2014.Given that the above activities took place only within five months of the current executive, it is expected that the remaining months of the first year will be used not only to consolidate on the above achievements but to ensure more activities. I will therefore appeal to members to be more prepared for the tasks ahead as we will seek your 3Ts (time, talents and treasures).
    I would like to thank all members of the current EXCO and all Old Boys who have sustained their interest in the Association; by attending and supporting all our scheduled events, paying their dues or making other contributions to the advancement of our Accioba Benin Branch. Together, we will make our desired impact for our dear association. To you all, I say “Bravo!!!”.
    Long Live Annunciation Catholic College, Irrua, 

    Long live the ACC Old Boys Association (ACCIOBA, Benin branch)

    Sir Paschal Isele (KSJI)
    Chairman, ACCIOBA Benin Branch.

  11. Gentlemen, I am confident that 2015 will be an exciting year for our Old Boys Association. We will do great things this year. Just be ready when we come calling. God bless us.

Chairman’s message to the Old boys

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My dear ACCIOBA members

I want to use the opportunity offered by this website to communicate with you all, as your newly elected Chairman of ACCIOBA Old Boys Benin Branch, and also to thank God for the opportunity to serve this great association. An Association that parades over five Professors, several Medical Doctors and PhD holders, Engineers, Architects, Bankers and other well-meaning professionals in Benin Branch alone is truly a great and proud association to belong to. Hence, i want to say am indeed proud to have been elected by you to run the affairs of the Association for the next two years.

This Chairmanship has immediately bestowed on me an onerous task and enormous commitment to ensure the wellbeing of the Benin branch association of ACCIOBA for the next two years. I want to promise here that I will surely ensure this is achieved by the grace of God.

As promised during the swearing in ceremony, soon after the elections, I will want to immediately embark on the following towards enhancing the wellbeing of our dear old boys’ association.

1. Creation of Accioba Benin branch website:
Given the modern times we are in, it is expedient that we improve the way we do things aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of the association and the Alma-mata. Communication is key in the development of any association or organisation and so we must improve the way we communicate amongst ourselves; hence my choice of the establishment of the website for the association. I believe that not everybody has time to attend every monthly meeting of the association, but somehow they will have time to read the minutes of the meetings if made available in the Website. With a good number of gadgets now available to everybody, it is expected that people can now more readily access the web to get information about ACCIOBA (her events and happenings). As I said at that ceremony, we will endeavour to make the ACCIOBA website very interactive and informative. I therefore plead with all members to make effective use of the site to get information about the happenings in the Association regularly.

2. Use of Standing committees to run the Association:
I have always believed that not one person has the monopoly of knowledge and power to do all things. It is also true that two good heads are better than one; hence we have chosen to constitute standing committees covering notable areas of activities of the association aimed at ensuring proper management and organisation. We have therefore set-up the following committees:
    Social/Welfare Committee
    Membership Committee
    Finance Committee
    2014 Annual Dinner Committee
As I said during my swearing-in, other relevant committees will be set up as they become relevant as we progress in this two year term of office.

3. A Call to Duty:
My dear Accioba members, I want to specially appeal to each and everyone of us to be more dedicated to the cause of the association as what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. If you can recall the great contribution of your Alma-mata (Annunciation Catholic College, Irrua), to your general well-being, you will know it is worth-while to be part of what can better the lot of the Association and the School. As we tread along in the next two years of my Chairmanship, I will be requiring the dedication of all members towards achieving our set goals. We must all be prepared to be made to serve in one capacity or another. I implore all those so far appointed to serve in the various committees to take their appointment very seriously and dedicate themselves to the cause of the association. We will need your talents, treasures, time and interest for the association as we progress. Please do honour the association whenever you are called upon to serve in any capacity.

4. Finance:
You will all agree with me that finance is very key to the success of any establishment, hence i want to plead with all members to ensure payment of the approved dues and levies are taken more seriously. Finance is the life-blood of the Association and we will do better if money is available to make the desired impact. While we will rely on major donors in ensuring we meet up with our set plans and goals, we will require that every eligible member pays their dues and levies regularly and promptly too. Let me assure you of the prudent use of the finances of the association and without doubt, we will ensure an open expenditure pattern throughout the tenor of two years

Since all fingers are not equal, we expect that there are members who are currently more endowed financially than others. I therefore call on all members, who can contribute more that the approved/agreed dues and levies to feel free to do so. We shall ensure proper acknowledgement of all contributions.

5. Attendance at monthly meetings:
Attendance at our monthly meetings and indeed all the scheduled meetings of the associations, I can rightly say is compulsory for all members. I will therefore plead with all of us to ensure regular attendance at all scheduled meetings so that we can together take the association to another greater level. I am of the view that the monthly meetings enable us to bond, relax, fraternise and even gain knowledge. So let’s make it to our monthly meeting more regularly.

Conclusively, I want to thank every member for the opportunity given me to serve the association as the Chairman for the next two years. While craving your support, I assure you of my great commitment to take our ACCIOBA Old boys association to greater heights and indeed to the next level.